Meat with Style in Urban Approach

During 2015 we had been checking around, thinking, investigating and then spotted the genuine need of the Israelis. The conclusion was very clear that what was missing in the Israeli culinary scene is the easy access to high-quality meat followed by a rich and nutritious menu. Two essential components that compose the perfect culinary experience.This conclusion led us to open a stylish corner bar, which overlooks the SARONA gardens and its walls covered with white china tiles just like the classic butcher shop. We chose for you the top-quality cuts, no substitutions allowed! We recruited one of the most talented and praised chefs in Israel, Yaron Kastenboim, who formulated a rich, diverse, Kosher Israeli-oriented menu, wrapped in modern Mediterranean flavors.

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Arais Restaurant (Kosher)

Sarona market tel aviv


Every Day: 12:00-23:00‭