About Arais

During 2015 we had been checking around, thinking, investigating and then spotted the genuine need of the Israelis. The conclusion was very clear that what was missing in the Israeli culinary scene is the easy access to high-quality meat followed by a rich and nutritious menu. Two essential components that compose the perfect culinary experience.This conclusion led us to open a stylish corner bar, which overlooks the SARONA gardens and its walls covered with white china tiles just like the classic butcher shop. We chose for you the top-quality cuts, no substitutions allowed! We recruited one of the most talented and praised chefs in Israel, Yaron Kastenboim, who formulated a rich, diverse, Israeli-oriented menu, wrapped in modern Mediterranean flavors.From our non-standard starters, through our exclusive spicy lemon sauce, which we developed to perfection and incorporated in almost every dish, not leaving out our unique smoked Masbaha plate, all kinds of grilled meat skewers, classic Kebab and Merguez style cutlet Shakshuka. All of this goodness served to you after making sure the doneness degree of every meat is ideal to each guest.Alongside our main courses, we offer you and abundance of fresh and nutritious vegetables, roasted in a special technique that makes them taste as if they were pulled out of a bonfire. Take a sit and give us the honor to invoke your long-forgotten memories of childhood.ARAIS is most definitely a heaven for carnivores, however, vegetarians and vegans are also on our minds and are able to enjoy our dishes with a twist.Armed with our hosting-loving staff and our eye-level approach we have established a restaurant where you can feel at home. This is how ARAIS concept was born – meat with style in an urban approach.
Our ARAIS dish, which won the title “best dish of 2016” of TIME OUT Magazine, has become big-time trendy and entered the minds, hearts and mouths of all Israelis. The ARAIS dish status as a mainstream culture dish is a result of Kastenboim’s superb recipe, who gave it its most deserved respect.
We promise you a unique culinary experience in the luxurious SARONA MARKET area, the hottest place in the heart of Tel Aviv, where people from all over Israel visit all year round. ARAIS concept serves you the highest-standart top-quality meat in a street-food urban approach.Don’t worry, we did not forget the kids:In ARAIS, children can always find something cool, nutritious and healthy to eat, with fair prices. There is also a large playground right across the walkway trail where children can run around while their parents watch and enjoy the rest of their meal.